It’s Back Ladies: The One Shouldered Look!


I honestly did not ever think that I would be seeing dresses, swimsuits, heck … the red-freaking-carpet be littered with all sorts of different one-shouldered pieces! Designers have decided that the two-shouldered look is out and one-shouldered is in!  Now personally, I love this look … I think that it looks amazing on anyone and everyone, especially if you have a very toned upper body.  No, seriously!

So shirts, dresses and swimsuits have all taken to going one shouldered now – so if you have a shirt that you thought was extremely out of style because of its lack of two shoulders, you are wrong chicky!  Go ahead and pulled that puppy out of the closet and I can promise you that it will look simply amazing!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a dress, a short or even just a blouse, everything is going one shouldered.  So if you want to look your best at your next party or even when you are out on a date, you should definitely pick yourself up some one-shouldered items!

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