Fringe Is All The Craze!


So after the seventies, I did not think that I would see fringe back in style, but all of a sudden!  Designers are coming up with all sorts of skirts, dresses, shirts and pants that have all sorts of fringe and honestly, the runway is being covered in fringe!  So if you have one of those suede fringe jackets hiding in the back of your closet, you can now wear it!  It is definitely in style and you will be looking ever-so-fashionable!

Now when you are wearing fringe, there are a few things that you need to consider.  For instance, a pair of toned and long legs will work wonders with a short and fringed skirt, those that are lacking the toned pair should maybe opt for a longer length of skirt.  You always want to be sure that the fringe looks good itself.

It is pretty obvious that there are a lot of knock-off products available and while fringe is one of those things that you can pretty much buy anywhere, you want to be sure that the fabric moves great together and that the fringe does not clump unattractively together!

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