Grecian Goddess Draping: It is in This Spring!


Do any of you watch Project Runway?  Well, if you do, you know exactly who I am going to bring up in this post: Remi.  Now, personally, I loved his stuff and I thought he was absolutely fabulous throughout the season, but he did have one single look and that was the Grecian Goddess look.  Well Remi, you should be gaining some business now because this look is in for spring 2009!

Personally, I think that these five looks in this picture are absolutely breathtaking and while many Grecian Goddess Draping outfits use too much fabric and are not tight enough, I think that many designers such as Elie Saab are finally getting it and making these dresses not only beautiful, but well-made as well.

Now, if you are looking to pull this beautiful draping look off – why not pair it with a pair of gladiator sandals, which are also becoming increasingly popular this year?  Or maybe even just a pair of strappy heeled shoes and some very exotic looking jewelry.  Remember, dress the outfit up ladies!

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