Gems: They Are No Longer Just An Accessory!


Jewels, gems and all sorts of sparkly items are no longer just for your neck or feet, slowly but surely, designers are picking up on the fact that jewel-encrusted clothing is hot this season!  Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen (of course!) and Alberta Ferretti are just a few of the designers that are putting these jewel-encrusted pieces on the runway and in the stores.

There is something to be said about jewels being placed strategically on a model’s neck or even just embedded into the clothing.  There is something so stylish, so great looking and just all around so beautiful about a jewel-encrusted shoe, jacket, and dress.  They are beautiful pieces!

Now, when you wear some of the beautiful pieces it is important that you remember, they are beautiful themselves so there is no need to add on a bunch of jewelry – the outfit is the jewelry!

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