Like Butterflies: They Are In This Season!


Butterflies huh?  Its true folks, butterflies seem to be popping up in all sorts of prints as well as head pieces like the one in this picture.  So many designers are trying to capture the butterfly in all of is essence in their style and have even created butterfly shaped tops/skirts. 

Butterflies are something that symbolizes a lot in many different cultures and personally, I believe this may be one of the reasons why this beautiful creature is popping up on the runway all over the place.  Butterflies usually symbolize beauty, femininity and the ability to be all changing, so that is a great piece for designers to be adding into their collections.

I have seen everything from dresses be made with butterflies incorporated into them all the way to shirts and pant suits with this beautiful creature printed on them.  Shoes are even taking up the butterfly trend as many designers are attempting to blend their shoes into their butterfly collections. 

So if you have always been a butterfly lover but never wanted to let the secret out – pull out all those clothes that you’ve been hiding!  You are now in fashion and a head of the game!!

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