Let’s Rock ’09: New Trends To Watch Out For In ’09!


With the New Year rolling in and us having to say goodbye to the old year, there are a lot of things many of us are going to miss about 2008.  For one, the fashion in 2008 was absolutely suburb and honestly, I have no idea how 2009 is going to top it … until I saw some of the newest trends that are not only hitting the runway, but also hitting the shelves.

Sheer, sheer, sheer is the answer to all of your questions for the Spring/Summer lines!  Everything from bathing suits all the way to dresses are going to sheer material for that ‘I’m cool but I’m also a sex kitten behind closed doors’ look.  It’s fabulous!  The colors are dropping down from bright colors into a lot of nudes and neutrals, but that isn’t a bad thing! 

Now sheer clothing is not the only that is expected this year.  Fringe is making a comeback as well, so you can expect to see a lot of sleek, silky fringe on everything from dresses all the way back to jackets.  That is definitely something to look forward to this Spring!  So watch out!  2009 might be better than 2008 in fashion … we’ll have to see!

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