Chloe Creation: Paris Fashion Week

CHLOE ADThe Paris fashion week saw fashion industries well known designers that displayed their stuff and garneted appreciation from fashion critics of all over the world. Chloe’s gave a bohemian look to the girls in the autumn/winter 2008-9 sessions where several top-notch models showcased the Chloe creation. Hermes came with thick knit cardigans where models displayed scarves and caps. The collection comprises of double breasted leather and Swede coats.

The collection of John Galliano featured bright prints, furs and ruffles that created an enchanting scene. This event was followed with the creation of Alber Elbaz’s that comprised exquisite evening dresses, skirts and blouses. Over all, the autumn/winter 2008-9 sessions was a visual treat for all fashion lovers and followers, as it was a riot of colors. This show was an extravagant occasion that showcased some of the best contemporary creativity. This was an eventful fashion show that saw new creativity and inspiration.

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