New Elle Macpherson Intimates Lingerie

The Lingerie Post quite hip. They just posted pics of the latest Elle Macpherson Intimates lingerie collection, and I’m here to copy them. I have their permission too.

Thanks to TLP!

EMI Fall 2008 RevelEMI Fall 2008 SheenEMI Fall 2008 CaptiveEMI Fall 2008 EchoEMI Fall 2008 CourtseyEMI Fall 2008 ArtistryEMI Fall 2008 Austere PrintedEMI Fall 2008 Sheer RibbonsEMI Fall 2008 SpellboundEMI Fall 2008 PavillionEMI Fall 2008 DentelleElle Macpherson Intimates Coranto

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