Classic beauty treatments: What’s the real score?

February 15th, 2013

popping-a-zitGrandma and mom might have taught us to use them or you have been used to relying on some products for your beauty regimen, but what can be the real scoop behind them?

Milk of Magnesia for oily skin

In case you have been struggling with oily skin, you might just need some minty-fresh treatment mask using milk of magnesia. It is believed to suck out all the oil from your pores. According to experts, this actually works since it has an ingredient that can absorb oil and help the skin to tighten. All you need to do is apply it to your skin and just let it dry for around 15 minutes It may be gross, but it works.

Avocado and olive oil for frizzy hair

If you are dreaming of long, shiny, smooth hair, you might want to try the good old blend of olive oil and mashed avocado before spending a lot of money on other treatments. Apply the concoction to your wet hair and let it sit there for around 20 minutes. Shampoo and use conditioner after and you will have some locks that looks a lot better.

Lemon for dull skin

If you have been missing hours of sleep, your skin might be feeling it. It can go dull and gray. Did you know that you can actually use some lemon juice to give it some luster? According to experts, this can actually work since lemon is acidic and can be a good toner to help brighten your skin. Just remember to wash it off after 10 minutes so it will not dry your skin.

Neosporin for popped zits

You might also be guilty of popping zits accidentally or intentionally. And weren’t you told that you can put some Neosporin and cover it with some Band-Aid? The antibiotic properties of the ointment can actually help disinfect the pimple, and the bandage keeping the ointment off your pillow.

Tips on how to find the right winter coat for you

December 5th, 2012

coatYou might have taken out your winter stuff out of the drawer but for those who still needs to do some shopping for winter clothes, particularly for winter coats, this post is perfect for you. The cold, freezer weather makes it hard for a lot of people to blend fashion with function. Here are some winter fashion tips for you when you look for your winter coat:


Avoid getting coats made from acrylic or polyester since they will not keep you warm. Instead go for cashmere and wool to fight the fangs of winter. Cashmere may cost more and less durable but it is a lot better than any man-made fiber.


If you will be using it when you go to work or when you go out at night, you can go for double-breasted winter coats that cinched a bit on the waist. This will give it a more elegant and fitted look.

In case you are the type who layers scarves, blazers, and sweaters, you can get a coat with some more breathing space. Wear the sweater and the blazer when you shop for your winter coat. You can go for parka, oversized, duffle, or swing styles.


Lastly, if you are the type who spends a lot of time outdoors or love to go out in the mornings just as icicles form on whatever they can cling to, you may want a down-filled coat. It will hug your body nicely and provide the warmth you need while outside. It will be best to have a down-filled and then another wool coat option.

Fashion Tips: Cool cover ups that help achieve a flatter look

July 6th, 2012

mare-tunic-lemlemThere are just days when we enjoy to pig out and worry all of a sudden how we will look when we go outside. Here are some nice clothing pieces to cover any unwanted bulges and help you look slimmer:

Mare Tunic by Lemlem

The brand name Lemlem in Amharic actually means “to bloom”. It started out as means of helping women from Ethiopia to have a source of living and to everyone’s surprise, the handcrafted pieces has attracted fashionistas around the globe. An example of their great work is this tunic with a low v-cut neck line, oversized sleeves, and an elastic waistline.

Short Caftan by Missoni

This is a luxe necessity if you are heading to the beach or lounging by the poolside. It looks vibrant with its zigzag stripes in multiple colors. It comes very relaxed with its V neckline, side slits, and draped sleeves.

Cold shoulder Caftan by Cynthia Vincent

This soft dress made from silk-chiffon features a five-button closure with a V neckline. It has short dolman sleeves with cutout shoulders.

Mini Dress by Rachel Pally

This white jersey dress features raw edges for its cuffs and hems. The drawstring waist and shoulders are ruched. The sleeves are come in comfy kimono style and extends up to the elbow.

Odette Caftan by Vix Swimwear

This crew necked striped caftan features comfortable voile fabric that is ideal for the hot summer days. It has a contrast trim at the neck and has a double keyhole in front. Flutter sleeves complete its flirty looks.

Simple ways to revamp your beauty routine

March 22nd, 2012

labeled-mascarasRevising your beauty regimen is not as complicated as you might first think. Whether you are planning to take care of your complexion better, to shedding off some unwanted chunks on your abdominals, or eating healthier, there are simple ways to do it:

Spend less money and time on manicures and pedicures

If you cannot paint your fingernails yourself and run to a salon for smudge free nail art, you might be spending some money which you can save. Another way to make it work is to try stick-on nail arts and polish. These are nail stickers which comes in packets with varying design. So just choose what suits you and stick them on.

Sun protection everyday

Applying SPF to your skin everyday sounds simple but can be a big task for some. There are products like Beauty Balm which already has makeup, moisturizer, and a whole range of other products. Products like these already have sun screen in them so no need to apply it separately.

Getting fit

Exercises are harder to do when you do It alone. If you are like this, you can enroll for classes which will make the activity more fun. Think of tai chi, dancing, or yoga. This way your routine will be more structured, you will be paying and so you should not have reasons not to go.

Whiter Teeth

If you have a sensitive set of teeth that you cannot get a whitening treatment from the pros, then you have better options now. Light on your teeth might help with the process of whitening your teeth but the process might also cause some discomfort. Products by Zoom now comes with adjustable intensity to suit different sensitivities. There are also toothpastes now with higher content of hydrogen peroxide to help you without costing too much.

Fashion tips: What to wear this winter

December 21st, 2011

Look cool in the cold weather with these winter style tips:

Tuxedo Jacket

A lot of women are a bit uncomfortable to wear a dress during the cold nights of winter, but this should not hinder you from donning a hot getup. Jessica Alba is naturally hot but has also proven that a simple white, slim cut jacket can really be seductive.

Fur Collar

If fur is your thing (I am okay with it as long as its faux), you can don a fur collar or scarf over your jacket or coat, and you can instantly make the overall look very stylish just like what pop icon Rihanna did with her shirt, jeans, and jacket ensemble.

Statement Coat

It will not matter what you are wearing under a great looking coat. Invest in one and you can never go wrong. Just look for a coat embellished with some gems or something with a cool pattern. This is how Olivia Wilde achieved an elegant look during an event.

Mixing Colors

Leighton Meester of Gossip Girls wore on the set a printed coat in orange and mixed it with a blue cap. You can combine different hues that may clash but produce a quirky cute look.

Hot Red

If you want to add a good color to your current wardrobe this season, go for red. Eve on the picture above has it in red crimson.

Textured Black

If you want to go black on black on black, take the hint from Diane Kruger wearing the non-color pieces from top to bottom. Just make sure you have the proper textures to mix and matchlike some in feather, fur, or braiding. This will help avoid the flat look.

The Beauty Bucket List: Your Must-Have this Month!

July 29th, 2011

This month is all about natural beauty, so here are the products that help bring out your inner glow.

Fragrance: Emilio Pucci Verde 072 Eau de Toilette

This month, get lost in the earthly scents of bergamot and mint mixed with green accords. This sensual perfume will excite your senses with hints of cedar, Tonka bean, Turkish rose, neroli, and musk.

Lip Color: Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour

For luscious, natural-looking lip shades this month, go for Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour. Opt for Hibiscus Bloom and Dollface for that beautiful sheer shade that will last all day long.

Lush Lashes: Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum

For extra lush lashes, give your favorite mascara a helping hand with a biotin-rich serum to help those lashes pop. Apply Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Serum just under your mascara. Better yet, use it the night before to give your lashes extra TLC.

Pucker up: Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss

Every girl needs a lip gloss! And this month, go for the sheer, sweet finish of Sephora Collection Glossy Gloss for that noteworthy wet effect look.

Bronzed Beauty: Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol

This is the time to give your look at dash of gold beauty. Look for Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol and go for the sun-kissed bronze goodness. Apply in target areas.

Nail Color: Nail Laque Terrybly

For eye catching nail color, try the classic Trafalgar Red color from Nail Laque Terrybly. If you’re not a fan of red nails, go for a funky pink tint.

Golden Girl: Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil

If you want to retain that fresh, just-out-of-the-shower sheen, look for Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil and treat your face and body to that collagen-packed carrot oil goodness that will make you feel like the real golden girl.

Scent Escape: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum

If you’re dreaming of an escape to the Italian Riviera, bask in the sweet scent of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum. The combination of orange flower, lavender, Sicilian lemon is reminiscent of the waters of the great Italian Riviera escape.

Beauty Tips for Summer 2010

July 4th, 2010

What will be summer like if you will not take some time to enjoy the sand and the sun? Summer should be fun and nothing can go better than enjoying it by the beach or by a pool with a drink or a partner.

Here is a list of must haves to have that beach-chic beauty this summer:


Per-fekt Beauty Skin Perfection Gel – This product is a hybrid of a primer, foundation, and a moisturizer in ell formula making it water and sweat resistant. The gel promises to give great even, sheer, and flawless coverage. This is designed for every skin type and helps in reducing the size of your pores and decrease the redness on your skin. The packaging is also quite handy if you need to bring it to your summer getaway.

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My Biggest Crimes of Fashion: 2

March 29th, 2010


What about you guys?

My Biggest Crimes of Fashion: 1

March 28th, 2010

dont-1Fanny packs are bad.  Fanny packs are very, very, very bad.

Do not wear fanny packs.

Actually, do not wear belly shirts and leggings either.


Sparkle & Shine — Not Too Showy!

March 20th, 2010

ss-2010-sparkle-dress-2Now that we have talked a little bit about one of the dress trends that I love, let’s move onto another trend that is going to be huge this spring and summer and to be honest – it’s awesome.  Sparkle and shine, which is what this spring and summer is all about!

This trend has been around quite a long time and I can tell you for sure that it is absolutely beautiful however you do not want to overdo it on the sparkle.  You want to keep it all chic and do not become a showy girl, because that is just not flattering.

The cool thing about sparkles is that you can use a lot of them or just have some of them, it depends on your mood!